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May 13, 2012 / angelavbolton

Your comments on blog – thanks!

Angela, Christmas Day 2006

Angela, Christmas Day 2006 (just realised I look like a bean head in this pic…)

Thank you for your support – it is unbelievable. Email comments in the order received:

Fine work to have blog-recorded. It’s important (and useful for us all) to set things out clearly and so well (let alone so movingly also)… mind your own self well too. As Robert’s best and ablest champion, he needs your top-performing energetic output. Paul Barrett

The site is absolutely brilliant, and I am dying to see that photo of Bob and Bono – hilarious, I love the pic of Bob on the front it’s perfect. Amazing that his response rate is better when he comes of the meds, scary though that that means he is at risk of seizures, and that is because his body overheats, is it? Can I ask are the hospital doing any muscle stimulation exercises with Bob, acupuncture or anything for his physical side of things, I’m no expert, just being nosey. It’s a brilliant site… Bob has had such a tough ride. Sophie Ollier

It’s a beautiful, wonderful blog – if Bob catches only a tiny whiff of the dedication, love and support you have built around him on a daily basis then the path forward can only have an upward slope – don’t ever stop… [someone I know is] still alive and active 15 years on after the medical staff recommended that they should not be resuscitated if they went into further cardiac arrest – they proved them wrong – miracles do happen every day – best of luck with everything – keep going, don’t stop.  John Bolger

Hello Love, I read your blog… it looks good and is a good progress report as to where you are in the battle for Bob. Life has dealt some harsh hands and this is the hardest for you to contend with… it has been a long 7 months for both him and you. Your persistance is great, and the way you are coping … is a credit to you. We will keep you both in our prayers.  Sam and Ber (Fealy)

Having read and been moved by your blog, I am sure it will help you along the way – brilliant stuff. Best wishes, Gus (Nichols)

It’s bril. Keep going strong one! Lots of love, Barbara (Clarke)

Just read through the site Angela, you’ve completely redefined the phrase ‘stand by your man’. It’s unbelievable … I’ll pray your faith and persistence pays off. Please let me know if there’s any help you need at all. Chat soon & keep that fight! Colin (McEndoo)

I love this!  Thanks so much for sharing with me. I am always thinking of you and admiring you for what you do every day.  We are so far away and it makes me feel so helpless. Please know you are always in my thoughts and prayers.  I’m so glad you have this blog going so we can read updates and feel more connected to you. We love you Angela! Anna (Elmore) USA



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  1. claire / May 13 2012 8:18 pm

    Angela I love it Bob is a very lucky man to have such a kind, beautiful, loving and very strong girly like you, in the face of everything your strength love and support has never failed to shine through, you were there for me with a big hug when it was needed (the best hugger ever by the way) xxx keep up the good work lots of love Claire xxx

    • angelavbolton / May 13 2012 9:21 pm

      Thanks Claire – what goes around comes around, and you look after Bob so very kindly and gently that you’ve become a good mate to both of us. He needs you and so do I. Wouldn’t sleep at night if it wasn’t for you and the other greats on Bennetts. Love, Angela x

  2. Gerard Fealy / May 16 2012 2:37 pm

    Hello My Love–You are doing a fantastic job. Knowing you all my life has had a calming effect on me
    as I know that if something happens that I can’t handle then I just have to send in my Little Sister.
    Get Out There And Bite Those Dogs. All our Love – Ger, BiBi and Jimi

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