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June 13, 2012 / angelavbolton

Planning for the future

Robert and Angela, Angela’s 40th Birthday Party, Bray (2003)

The Variables

Since the meeting on the 28th of May, while I was waiting to hear if our appeal had been submitted and (now) waiting to hear if it has been successful, I’ve been thinking about the next stage in Robert’s journey.

Naturally we hope that we’ll get Robert to the Oxford Centre for Enablement where the recommended assessment/initial rehabilitation period is six months.

However if we don’t get him to Oxford for six months and he goes to the NRH, where the period of assessment therapy is three months, I’ll have less time to prepare and likely he won’t be as far along in his recovery as he would after a six month placement.

What happens then will depend on how much progress he makes in that time in either location.

Angela and Bob, at home in Aungier Street

One person I haven’t mentioned already who has helped us is the Medical Social Worker at St James’s, Cathy Reilly. Cathy has always been on hand to answer any questions I have about forms and paperwork, and did a lot of research into the nursing and care home situation when it looked like Robert might need placement.

We talked today (13th June 2012) about what might need to be considered depending on: (a) where Robert may be placed; (b) for how long; and (c) his progress during assessment/rehabilitation. Cathy is willing to go over all these variables and do a good bit of the paperwork with me.

Bringing Robert home

Dublin City Council will allow up to 95% of costs through a Housing Adaptation Grant. Depending on an Occupational Therapist Report, the house may require access ramps, downstairs toilet facilities, stair-lifts, accessible showers, wheelchair access, extension, etc.

I have been in touch with a contractor who specialises in this kind of work and they have offered to visit the house and give me the benefit of their advice.

Being Mobile

We’ll need to get around and, while I hope Robert will be back in the driving seat at some stage, I have to make provision for the possibility that he won’t drive any time soon. I haven’t driven for years so I have to start from scratch: get a Learner’s Permit and then have 12 lessons with a licenced RSA Instructor before I can get a full licence. This is a necessity, not a luxury.



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  1. Joe Cronin / Jun 13 2012 5:10 pm

    Keep up the good work Angela.

  2. conallf / Aug 2 2012 9:27 am

    Wow remember your 40th very well in Bray great night the two of you singing and a great turn out of friends and family We will have to watch the roads so !!!!!! xx

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