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June 25, 2012 / angelavbolton

Benefit Night ~ Take it to the limit

Coming up to Bob’s birthday on Wednesday (27th June), and we’re waiting to hear from the HSE whether they’ve approved his UK placement. It’s hard for me to sit on my hands so I’m trying to think ahead. Whether Bob’s in the UK or Ireland, at some point he’s going to need some extra help to get him where we think he can be.

Bob, Ibiza, September 2011

Several friends suggested a fundraising event of some sort, obviously musical, and it’s something we could actually have a really good time doing if we can get enough input. Already I’ve spoken to Bob Kelly (guitar/vocals), Brian Harris (guitar), Brendan Bonass (guitar), John Keogh (piano/vocals), Jimmy Compton (drums) and Declan Kennedy (guitar/vocals) ~ all of whom have said they’ll help.

Declan thought if we could secure somebody ‘famous’ we’d have a better chance of not only procuring a good venue but more punters, so I’m hoping that there’s somebody – or bodies – well-known who’ll consider wading in. Bob knows lots of people that I don’t: for instance, he introduced me to Brian Downey once and I was bashful and speechless (I’ve always been a huge Lizzy fan: saw them live about six times). But Bob didn’t necessarily work with everyone he would have known. He knows talents as diverse as Paul Brady, Brush Shiels and Freddie White, for instance, though I don’t know if they ever played together.

If there’s someone out there who’d be willing to lend their support, I’d be eternally grateful. I’m sure – with the help of the guys mentioned above – we can arrange something that will give us all a good time and raise a few quid for Bob’s future treatment.



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  1. Rosemary Byrne / Jun 26 2012 4:26 pm

    Thats a good idea Angela,,xx

  2. conallf / Aug 2 2012 9:21 am

    Only just noticed this, hope not too late. Let’s see what we can do. Have posted it on Facebook hopefully keep up the great work behind you 100% Angela xx

  3. Al Brady / Aug 22 2012 6:00 pm

    Hi, Angela – my name is Al Brady. Myself, Pagan, Harry Evans, Martin Branagan (Branno) and Smiffy (all from Churchtown, Dublin) used to hang around with (and gig with) Bob. (I was in a band called The Cyclones and Harry was with Some People). Pagan and Harry are living in Tenerife and I am in Maynooth. I have just heard the news about Bob’s condition (I was sent a copy of the Irish Times article) and have emailed a copy to Harry and Pagan – who are also very concerned. If you mention those names to Bob, you might get a positive reaction. We (the Cyclones) were considering the possibility of running some kind of fundraiser for Bob and, now that we see your appeal, we thought we should contact you and offer our services – in any way that might prove useful to you. Sorry to use this forum to contact you but I didn’t have an address for you. If this makes any sense and you feel that we can be of any help, please contact me. Wishing you both every success in your venture. Regards, Al.

    • angelavbolton / Aug 22 2012 7:35 pm

      Dear Al,
      Thank you so much for getting in touch. I’ve heard Bob speak of Harry and Smiffy, and I know Martin Branagan if it’s the drummer you’re speaking of? He used to gig with myself and Bob on occasion. I tried him on the mobile number Bob had but I think it’s old by now.
      Because of the Irish Times article, The John Murray Show on RTE Radio 1 interviewed me on Monday (pod-v-20081226m13sjminjury-pid0-1573248_audio) from which we’ve had an incredible response.
      I’d love to take advantage of your help with a Benefit Night. Bob’s brother Eamonn is making a CD too (I sang and [tried to] play Love Me Tender on the radio & it went down really well with the listeners so that’ll be on it) and what we need is a famous person to headline the Benefit Night particularly but a track on the CD would be good too. Unfortunately a lot of the famous people that Bob knows are no longer available (Ronnie Drew, Phil Lynnott, Gary Moore, etc…). A friend of ours Declan Kennedy (guitarist/vocalist) is willing to help out (has the offer of a PA, for instance) as are a bunch of other musicians, but I’m really looking for two things now: (1) A famous person; and (2) An organiser. I can do the promotion end via computer & phone, but need to spend time with Bob every day so can’t organise the thing.
      Any ideas would be most gratefully received. I draw the line at nothing: I will beg, plead, blackmail or flatter to get Bob whatever help he needs. He’s everything to me and I am heartbroken without him beside me where he should be.
      You can reach me at and I’ll come back to you with my mobile and landline numbers. Maybe we could meet up at some point and discuss it.
      I’m really grateful for your offer ~ it’s so good of you.
      Best regards,
      Angela Bolton

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