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July 12, 2012 / angelavbolton

Love – it is the final word

Bob, Ibiza, 2010

Received a letter today from the HSE saying:

“I can confirm that Dr Hutchinson responded to my letter of the 14th June… did not address some of the questions raised so I wrote to Dr Hutchinson again on the 25th June… then spoke on the telephone… information should be sought from Dr Jacinta Morgan of the NRH… I wrote to Dr Morgan on the 2nd July setting out the clarifications I require. We received a response to that letter yesterday the 9th of July 2012.

“The above outlines the trail of correspondence that has been ongoing in relation to your appeal…

“I have also sought information from the Centre in the UK to which Mr Bolton is being referred and while I have information verbally from them [OUH] they have not responded to my email of the 18th of June last. However, I have arranged to meet the Assistant National Director tomorrow to review the appeal. A decision may be forthcoming after that meeting (subject to his not requiring confirmation in writing from the UK centre).’ I will write to you as soon as possible thereafter to update you on either the process or the decision which ever [sic] is relevant at that time.”

So I’ve contacted Oxford and found out that Derick Wade was on leave for the 19 or so days around the time of their email to him. However, his secretary Sarah remembers me, Ritamary and our visit, and has promised to bring the HSE’s email to Dr Wade’s attention as soon as possible.

After speaking to her it became clear to me that getting Robert to Oxford has been my entire focus since we visited there in March: Sarah said ‘has it been that long? It seems like yesterday!’ but yes, it has been that long. And that has been my focus. I have written to Sinn Fein and they said they’d speak about it, Labour’s Eric Byrne has written to the HSE on our behalf and Richard Boyd-Barrett’s office has also brought it up as a question in the Dail.

Angela, Ibiza, 2010

We’ve all – as a family – trawled through everyone we know to see do they have any influence anywhere in the Irish health system to push Robert to where we feel he will benefit most: to see if being patient-focussed and not burocracy-focussed could be achieved for our cherished husband/brother/father.

Maybe being mellowed by a very good champagne supplied by my much-loved sister (for my birthday next week but required tonight) and the last few episodes of ‘Cranford’ (my UPC cable has been out since Monday and will be until the engineer condescends to call tomorrow) has given me a more positive and universally optimistic view of the world, but that’s how I would have been before Robert got sick. I’m an optimist by nature. I have to believe that he’s going to get every assistance possible or I will go mad, champagne or not. And nobody wants to see that. I’ve been very civilised up until now…

In ‘Cranford’, one of the characters says to Miss Tillie (the main female protagonist) ‘you say “love” like it’s the final word’. Later she reminds him of this when she has been proved to be right. Let’s admit it: love is really what matters. I love Robert and will never give up on him. Not only do I love him but there’s a lot of people out there who are kind, loving and supportive and I am – even as the optimist in this relationship – amazed at how they’ve come out of the woodwork to help, even with major trials of their own with which to deal.

Let’s hope that the HSE see that Robert’s best chance of improvement lies in Oxford. And thanks to everyone who is keeping in touch by phone and email and checking out this blog. (over 5,000 hits so far – thank you!).


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  1. conallf / Aug 2 2012 9:04 am

    Love it so real wow love you both

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