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July 13, 2012 / angelavbolton

HSE refuse UK placement

I got a letter from the HSE Assistant National Director this morning, dated 11th July 2012, saying:
“Following consideration of the appeal I regret to inform you that the original decision to decline the application is upheld. In reaching this determination I have had regard to the fact the treatment in question is available in the Irish health system. Having consulted with the NRH my office has been advised that Mr Bolton has progressed on their waiting list and as things currently stand they expect to be in a position to admit him during August or September. I should also point out that the centre in the UK has also indicated to us that the earliest they will be in a position to offer a placement to Mr Bolton under the E112 Scheme is approximately seven weeks. If the situation does not progress as anticipated by the NRH you are free to re-apply under the Treatment Abroad Scheme at that point in time.”
This application and appeal has taken so long that Robert missed a place in Oxford where, two months ago, there was an available bed.

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