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August 15, 2012 / angelavbolton

Said it really loud on the radio

Robert with his grandson Mattia. You may notice Mattia is wearing his ‘Pirates of Ibiza’ tee-shirt? Well, he’s the most gorgeous little pirate we’ve ever seen! (we don’t get his sister Camilla pirate tees or she’d be the most gorgeous little pirate, and his brother Daragh is too big to be ‘little’). Bob and Mattia are assembling some toy (and if I had PhotoShop I could get rid of the pile of laundry on the couch…)

The interview that had been scheduled with The John Murray Show for tomorrow (Thursday) morning has been moved to Monday the 20th of August. I had a call from producer Alan who said, having read the blog and the notes that his colleague Zbyszek had taken this morning, they wanted to give the story a bit more time; they felt that Robert’s situation could use a little more space and – very charmingly – said I’d be doing them a favour if they could reschedule for Monday

As my friend Ed might say ‘will it make the boat go faster?’ Yes it will. So it’s Monday on RTÉ Radio 1, 9am-10am, and you may have to listen to me playing guitar (Bennetts Ward staff be warned – you’re pretty sick of it now, aren’t you? If you hear ‘Neon Moon’ one more time you’ll choke me, won’t you? It was a novelty at first but…)

Please do have a listen if you can.

Angela, Terese and Camilla, probably 2010 on Bob’s birthday (June). Camilla will be four in November 2012. Her grandad Robert adores her (of course so do I): Bob draws pictures on Post-Its for Camilla ~ she collects them up and stores them away for her next visit (that’s Terese’s glass of wine in the foreground, not mine – where is PhotoShop when you need it? Jeez…)

Our friends and family – who I have badgered with texts and emails – have responded to the change in their usual supportive way, agreeing with Alan that Robert’s story should be told in more detail to more people than read The Irish Times feature on Tuesday . That’s what prompted RTÉ to contact me, the highly-praised article that Sheila Wayman put together. Sincere thanks to Sheila and photographer Alan Betson who put the whole story across so sympathetically.

By the way, the power of the press is that the blog received 266 hits on the day of the article when, up to that point, our best day was 286, and that was the day after I’d started it.

And in an added filup to our theory that working on intuition and instinct with Robert is the way to go, over the last few days he has been very thoughtful, pensive and awake/alert, looking around a bit more and not getting as muscularly tense as he had been doing. He has responded to me several times by changing his facial expression, and his Feldenkrais practitioner Mark Keogh felt today that Robert was just that bit more ‘there’. It’s so hard to explain but when one sees him every day it’s more visible.


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