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August 20, 2012 / angelavbolton

Robert’s Rehabilitation Story gets Media Push

John Murray interviewed me this morning about Robert’s story and what we’re doing to help him. On behalf of all of us: Robert, me, Ritamary, Eamonn, Jason and the extended family, please let me thank John and his crew Zbyszek, Alan, Margaret and Noel (in the order in which I spoke to them) for giving Robert’s story – and our campaign to raise funds for further rehab – such great exposure.

You can listen to it here: and the full show below:!rii=9%3A3371524%3A4502%3A20%2D08%2D2012%3A

Angela and Bob in Aungier Street, Bob’s birthday, probably 2010? He’s in his favourite clothes: an ancient t-shirt he bought in San Diego 20 years ago and sweats

I’m still trawling through the many emails, texts and even letters (from the Irish Times interview on Tuesday) that have come in and it’s incredible how thoughtful and generous people are.

If I don’t get back to you today please forgive me – I’m heading back to the hospital in about an hour. But I have to say, it’s as if Robert knows there’s a big positive push out there for him: I went straight to the hospital after being in RTE and he was wide-eyed and looking around, gazing at himself in the mirror and blinking his eyes in a flirty way with Janet (the other woman), his favourite – and senior – carer.

You have done my heart good, all of you, and although I’m a little weepy because of your generosity it’s a good weepy. You’ve moved me beyond belief.

Thank you.


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