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September 15, 2012 / angelavbolton

No date for Robert’s NRH placement

Robert on our wedding day, 2008

As of Thursday the 13th of September 2012 – two weeks after his day’s assessment – we do not have a date for Robert’s admittance to the National Rehabilitation Hospital. Apparently the consultant on whose ward the bed is available is not at the NRH just now and Robert can’t be admitted in his absence. It’s frustrating for us, of course, because we’ve been waiting over eleven months to have Robert assessed and this is the first step on his road to recovery, and crucial to his future, but there’s nothing we can do.

In the meantime we have to content ourselves with the fact that he’s doing very well insofar as he’s working really hard to stay well: he’s had no antibiotics for over four months, no infections, and he’s showing more control over his head movement every day. His new chair seems to facilitate this, gives him more of a chance to exercise muscle control and he’s doing that. When he has a good night’s sleep he’s more wakeful and alert the next day. So he’s learning how to get better and we’re learning how to interpret his moods and improvements.

But Jesus I miss you, honey. You got upset today when I talked about getting you home to me and Paulie, you heard me and I know you want to come home to us. That’s both wonderful – that you hear me and understand – and heartbreaking because you’re not able to do anything about it – yet. But you will when you get the right input and have your medication reviewed at the NRH. I know this will help you and give us a much better idea of how you’re feeling.


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