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October 9, 2012 / angelavbolton

Family Pride

Jason, Daragh, their Dad, and Ayesha ~ 1986

Robert has three children from his first marriage, three children that he loves very much. If you’ve looked at this blog going back a while you’ll already have seen his son Jason, his partner Teresa and their children and daughter Ayesha and her children, but I didn’t have any photos of Daragh, Antoinette or their children. I still don’t have much on them photo-wise but here’s a newspaper clipping that Robert carried around the US and back to Ireland about Daragh:

Robert’s very proud of all of his children and, if you’ve read this blog, you’ll know justifiably so. They have all made their way in the world successfully and any parent would be chuffed with their achievements.

Daragh is also a very good guitarist and had his own band some years ago. There is a story about a borrowed guitar but maybe Daragh will tell that via the blog later on?


Robert’s also proud of his musical heritage: his great grandfather wrote a bass tutor which he has amongst his many books, and his grandfather Bobby has already been mentioned as being the musical director of the Royal Theatre orchestra. The picture below has writing on the back: ‘To Bobby Bolton, thanks for my first break in theatre music. Bobby Murphy’; ‘Happy Memories, Bobby, Pauline Forbes’; and ‘Thanks Bobby, Sean Bolger’. I guess these are the people pictured with him.

Bobby Bolton, Robert’s grandfather, on the right

I’m still trying to rustle up photos and get them scanned ~ this is very important for Bob and his progress: if I know him he’ll want to see that there was lots of work put into recording his life and recovery. And gawd ‘elp us if we don’t do it properly…



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  1. Raymond / Oct 10 2012 12:30 am

    Just……visiting…..for the first time……getting to know you. Well done so far. Hopefully I can be part of “better things to come”. Raymond (‘special’ reflexology). Looking forward to meeting Roswyn too, THE reflexologist.

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