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November 8, 2012 / angelavbolton

Heartache and Hope ~ Second Month at NRH

Robert and Angela in London, c. 1987/88 (NOTE: The photo above was taken when both myself and Bob were working for Whittington Hospital in Holloway/Islington. Robert was in payroll and I was in the School of Nursing where, one day, a group of student nurses appeared at the door being given a tour. One of them looked at me and said ‘Angela?’. I said ‘Karen?’ and she burst into tears. She was a neighbour of mine from Pottery Road where my Mum lives. She now works in the NRH. Small world…)

Today I had my second experience of Robert’s music therapy sessions and he is showing consistency. ‘Consistent’ response is a term that has haunted us since Robert’s injury: he’s now showing the same response to the same stimulus: today for the second time he showed emotion, his facial expression changed quite visibly when during his music therapy we played and sang Love Me Tender. This song has elicited a response from him several times but most notably on Tuesday when we did it for the first time, and again today. On Tuesday he also made a noise, like a sigh or on an outward breath, when the therapist asked him if he’d like more music. Today he looked toward me when asked if he’d like more music and gave a big breath but no vocalisation.

The therapist seems to feel that Robert responds more obviously when my voice is included in the sessions.

We know one of his medications has been reduced – his muscle relaxant – and his muscle tone has not deteriorated or tightened which is a good sign. He is now more like he was earlier in the year (when he was off all his medications for five days because the line to deliver them was fractured and had to be replaced).

In the meantime, we’re missing Ritamary who’s away, but I am lucky in that I can phone Jason or Eamonn and blather to them about what’s going on; the ‘new’ car has been serviced and found to be in okay condition; and my headcold is on the way out. I didn’t visit Bob yesterday (the only day I’ve missed since March when I was in the UK) because I believe I was highly infectious. This is the first time I’ve had a germ take hold since Robert’s injury ~ it’s like my system wouldn’t allow it. But I guess it was going to catch up with me sometime.



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  1. Bernie / Nov 9 2012 2:47 pm

    i wish you both strength to pull through this and i thank you for your tribute to Shay Cornelia, my brother.

    • angelavbolton / Nov 9 2012 3:11 pm

      Thank you, Bernie. I was so sorry to hear about Shay. He was a gentleman. Best regards, Angela

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