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November 17, 2012 / angelavbolton

Letter to Robert V ~ Safe In The Arms of Love

You are doing so well – more awake and alert than you’ve been since June. Some of your medication has been reduced with no visible ill effect and it seems you are less sleepy because of it.

Not only that but I can see more purpose in your look: our friend Mark was working with you last night and you followed your hand – held in his – back and forth several times. It was a beautiful thing to see your eyes definitely move over and back, purposefully. You’ve always responded to Mark, since his first session with you over five months ago.

You’re now half way through SMART assessment and some time later this month or early December there’s a possibility your medication regime will change. We haven’t fully gone over this with the NRH team but I’m sure that will be done soon.

Missing you, though, still, and find it hard not to want to see your progress move faster – but that’s not the way this kind of injury works. I know it’s going to take the rest of our lives together and a lot of hard work to achieve what we want. You are so worth it. We are worth it.

Paulie is back home with me and being a very good girl altogether. Acquired no bad habits with Ritamary and Bronwyn – not that I thought she would – she seems to know that I need her co-operation and patience, and I mention you often to her. After all, you are her favourite – I’m only tolerated…

My tattoo ~ RJB ~ in a stylized version of your handwriting. It’s my one and only, just like you


And my tattoo is settling in nicely, I never wanted one until about two months ago. A friend of mine showed me one she had done and we laughed (coz she’s funny) but it had already been in my head. I brought a sample of your writing in to the guy around the corner in Whitefriar Place, and he came up with a design using your three initials ‘RJB’ (Robert John Bolton) and a bass clef ~ which, in fact, looks really good. It’s on my upper right arm and only took about 25 minutes: the artist is also called Rob and he’s a guitarist in a metal band, so we had a great conversation while he worked. It didn’t hurt but I was so pleased with it I couldn’t wait to show it off.

Our colleagues in work were the first to see it but I didn’t tell any of the family until I got to see them. My side of the family didn’t get to see it until our nephew Michael’s 21st birthday dinner on Saturday ~ and they all loved it! I thought they’d freak. Even my 89-year-old mum thought it was great… what’s going on with the world when I can’t even be a rebel any more!

You had another visitor yesterday, our friend Paul from Bri who has been so kind over the last year, giving me many things to think about and trying to help in any way he can. Yesterday he met you for the first time and was quite impressed with your direct gaze and attentive expression – until you got tired and would sleep for a few minutes, but then you’d wake and watch him again. He was talking for quite a while, deliberately, mostly telling me that I needed to give you a little bit more to work with rather than always trying to soothe you. He thinks I should shake you up a bit more: how to do that is yet a mystery but I’ll give it a good think.

I wish I could be sure you understand when I tell you how proud we are of you. But I work on faith and believe you hear me with your heart. There’s more between heaven and earth than we know but I do know that you’re surrounded by love, and that won’t change.


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