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December 23, 2012 / angelavbolton

The Right Tools for the Job

In Moroccan garden

Robert and Angela on honeymoon in Marrakesh, Morocco, 2008. God, I was so happy, and so was Bob

Last year (2011) people gave us Christmas presents – although I had asked that they wouldn’t – and some of them I only opened a few months ago. They had been stashed away in a corner of the dining room until I felt I could go through them and when I did, I discovered a small toolbox that Robert had left there (this area is a bit messy: things ‘temporarily’ stored – then this catastrophe happened and it became longer-term storage) with the idea of maybe throwing it out or redistributing some of his tools. He has a very large toolbox stashed away in one of ‘his’ cupboards (he’s a hoarder ~ Ritamary will bear me out on this, I’m not imagining it: Robert keeps everything – bits of wood, nails, glue, tapes…) with his sander, electric polisher, electric screwdriver, jigsaw – the list is endless.

This small toolbox was empty so,after pondering it for a while, I’m taking it as my own. It will contain a selection of screwdrivers, fuses (had to get Eamonn to fix three lamp plugs one night), screws and nails, tape, WD40 and various other items.

Robert’s domain is the DIY end of things but now I have to learn do that. Our living room door was driving me mad, squeaking until the aforementioned WD40 made an appearance. I have found myself climbing up our wee stepladder to see what was in an enormously high cupboard and finding all kinds of DIY treasures.

I bought a wine rack – something I’ve wanted but never was able to keep the wine around for long enough to rack it. Now my self-control seems to have reasserted itself and… well, to be fair, I bought two bottles at the same time so couldn’t drink both of them. But although it said this thing was easily assembled the directions were not that clear: it took a bit of ingenuity and some cool headedness to devise how to retract the nails that I’d erroneously hammered in so I could finish the thing off: in fact, it took a few glasses of wine before I worked out how to do it… love the irony of life, don’t you?

So, when I finally assembled my puny wine rack it and saw two hammers, a screwdriver, a pliers and another screwdriver piled up in front of it, I came up with the idea of having my own little toolbox. And then it appeared just in time.

With regard to the car, our (Fanagans) fleet manager Stephen said he’ll show me how to top up my oil, water and all that kind of stuff so I’ll be self-sufficient and able to look after the car as well.

Robert is the kind of person who likes to look after his things no matter what they are: guitars, cars, musical gear, and our furniture – he loves our furniture: the pieces we have chosen over the last ten years were mostly sourced and chosen by him, and luckily we shared the sames tastes. Our jodang, for instance, he bought in Decor as a wedding gift to me: a bench with storage. It will never leave my side.  So my toolbox will contain good wood polish and cloths and I’ll keep everything ship-shape for his approval.

But on a note much more relevant to Robert’s recovery, even over the last year we’ve been preparing a toolbox for him ~ physiotherapy, music therapy, speech & language therapy, massage, reflexology, Feldenkrais treatments, kinesiology, homeopathy, and several other non-conventional or alternative treatments which it’s possible he’ll benefit from – supports that the medical profession can’t provide as being outside their remit. But he’ll get them and if they help he’ll keep getting them.

No stone unturned, darling, as promised.

Contact me if you would like to discuss anything about Robert’s progress: tel 01 416 7714 or 087 901 3476. I’m always here.


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