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December 28, 2012 / angelavbolton

Christmas 2012 ~ Bumps in the Road

Bob in Moroccan Garden I

Bob in Jardin Majorelle, Marrakesh, Morocco, 2008

There has been some upheaval over the last week: Robert’s food line became detached on Friday evening (21st December) and he had to go to St James’s on Saturday to have another – temporary – line sorted; temporary because there are no consultants around over Christmas at SJH. He’ll have to go back in January to have a more permanent one affixed. Unfortunately he had to go via A&E and was there for several hours.

That day was extremely tiring for him: being in one position for most of the day, not getting to sit out, being transported back and forth – so he was exhausted. It may be that he caught a bug as he’s been exhibiting signs of chest congestion amongst other things. It’s unsettling, especially now as he’s in the midst of the third and last phase of his medication trial. We were hoping he’d have a smoother ride at this point, a chance to experience whatever the medication might do for him rather than having to battle any infection or tiredness. However, he’s being monitored closely and we hope that whatever is causing him distress will be discovered quickly and dealt with.

I was able to spend several hours with Robert on Christmas Day, being nearby at my sister’s house for the day, and the ward staff gave him a beautiful red fleece throw for his bed, which was extremely kind.

Robert’s discharge date is now very close – 8th January 2013 – and we hope to have found the right ‘next’ place for him by then. To be honest, we’ve no idea what the New Year will bring or how we’ll deal with it. I guess it’ll be a day at a time. Every day is a struggle for all of us even when things are quiet or going along smoothly, so when we hit a bump in the road it’s hard to stay strong, on the path. Christmas is particularly hard – being a sentimental time of year – although it brings the comfort of family and friends, but you always have to come home and that’s the hard part.


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