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December 30, 2012 / angelavbolton

End of 2012 ~ Robert’s Progress: Steps Forward

Eamonn and Robert at Edward's 21st birthday party ~ brothers in arms

Eamonn and Robert at Edward’s 21st birthday party ~ brothers in arms

We found out yesterday (Saturday 29/12/12) that Robert has a kidney infection and found out today that he has a chest infection – so he’s on antibiotics again for the first time in around eight months.

He was dehydrated also so his sodium levels were high and potassium levels not quite right. We’re relieved that these are manageable problems that can be brought under control. It’s more worrying when we don’t know what’s causing him to have a temperature spike or be distressed.

The term ‘one step forward and two back’ is often used in situations like this, where a person has a long road to travel in recovery, but we’ve been very lucky these last months that Robert has only had steps forward. He’s done so very well to keep infection at bay all this time – however, two ward moves and particularly the trip St James’s Hospital A&E was exhausting for him and must have lowered his resistance as well as possibly providing the bug that caused the infection.

We’ll keep you posted!


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