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December 30, 2012 / angelavbolton

Kinesiology ~ What it did for Robert

This is a contribution to the blog by Brenda Darcy, kinesiologist and reiki master, who has worked with Robert to help support the needs that may not be aided by the nursing or medical staff.

I asked Brenda if she’d be interested in writing up some thoughts on Robert’s treatment and she kindly agreed.

Bob in Es Cana, Ibiza, 2011

Bob in Es Cana, Ibiza, 2011

BY BRENDA DARCY ~ Kinesiology is an amazing therapy. From the first time I experienced it I was hooked. I am now many years practising and am still addicted to this incredible treatment. Most people would know it best for food testing or structural work but it is not a therapy where ‘one treatment fixes all’, instead it looks at the whole body and fixes it in the way the body wants to be fixed and not what it says on page this or in chapter that.

So imagine my joy at being contacted by Angela to see what kinesiology could do for Robert. Angela filled me in on Robert’s story. My mind and tongue went into overdrive with Angela on the phone that day with all the possibilities of what could be done. Knowing that he was both medically and physically looked after, I suggested working on the other parts that make up a body, his electrical requirements and his mechanical needs. I proposed working on his polarity, his aura, meridians, cellular memory, maybe remove the shock from his body and more – I was on a roll and welcomed the challenge.

I first saw Robert in May 2012, just seven months after his injury and while he was in St James’s Hospital. It was a Saturday morning and the nurses were very busy tending to Robert so it gave me a few minutes to watch and plan a treatment especially for him. It also gave Robert time to assess me as I am sure he must have been saying to himself: ‘what is she going to do to me now?’ But Robert allowed me in: to touch his forehead to do ESR (emotional stress release), gently massage his jaw to get rid of the tension there, tap his thymus to re-fix his polarity, to ground him and balance his chakras (energy centres). I worked on his aura (to stop any leakage of energy), ran his meridians (the electrical circuit of the body) and did lots of work on his lungs because he had had numerous chest infections/pneumonia. It doesn’t sound a lot when you put it down in words on a page but I believe these electrical fixes helped him in no way that conventional medicine could.

An important part of my practice is bearing in mind family and friends of the person who is ill or undergoing long term treatment of any kind. They carry around so much worry, stress and anxiety themselves and their needs are often pushed aside or overlooked. So when I had finished with Robert I gave Angela a short treatment – a quick (and probably painful) neck and shoulder massage to release her tension and to allow her to let her breathe out for a few minutes. Even ten minutes can make such a difference to recharge the batteries and give a much needed boost of energy.

Angela texted me the next day to (very kindly) say that Robert had slept continuously for four hours after my visit, something he had not done in such a long time, and would I please come back again! I did. I have now been in to see Robert every month since May before he went to the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Dun Laoghaire.

Sometimes I did the same or, depending on how he was, introduced different techniques, using Angela as a surrogate if necessary, but always for his absolute benefit and well-being.

When Robert is finished his SMART testing and his stay in the National Rehabilitation Hospital, I will be seeing him again. I still have hundreds of techniques, ideas and ways that will help Robert and, of course, Angela.

Brenda Darcy, Kinesiologist and Reiki Master

December 2012

Mobile 087 6827462


Read more about kinesiology here 

and about Brenda here


BY ANGELA BOLTON ~ If you’ve never experienced kinesiology for yourself I would highly recommend it. I first found out about it from a friend who was experiencing stomach pains, tiredness and other unpleasant symptoms, and had been told by her GP and other doctors that her problem was untreatable, she’d just have to live with it. She had a session with a kinesiologist who said ‘nonsense – this is what you can do…’ and gave her information on diet and other support remedies. Once my friend began to follow those recommendations her pains went away, her skin glowed, her eyes sparkled and she felt and looked marvellous.

At the time I was dragging myself around – not like me at all as I’m normally quite energetic – but Robert’s mother Rita had recently died and we missed her very much, my brother-in-law Glen had died tragically in a sailing accident, and my job was very pressurised and stressful. So I contacted my friend’s kinesiologist.

After an hour of talking to me and then getting me to relax while she quietly checked me out in a very non-intrusive way, she said my adrenals were exhausted from stress and recommended some herbal tinctures.

Within two days I was back to my old self, visibly brighter and happier and more able to cope.

This was so interesting that I did a four-weekend/eight-day course in kinesiology where I learned loads more about how the body can be helped to heal and strengthen itself.

When I met Brenda, her kind and practical approach to ‘doing good’ impressed me – I liked her immediately. When I finally thought to ask her if she might help Robert, she rubbed her hands together and set to it.

That first session, he gave a huge sigh or outbreath towards the end and then slept deeply, like a child, for hours. Not restless or uncomfortable, very peacefully. Most kindly, Brenda gave me some of her time too as she could see that I was heartbroken and not thinking about anyone but Robert.

Since then I made time to have one whole session with her just for myself (I think she gave me ultra-special treatment) during which I fell asleep twice – that’s how relaxed I was. Leaving her lovely treatment room I felt better than I had for a long time.

It is truly amazing how worry and grief can hurt one’s body – for instance, my hands get sore sometimes and I realise it’s because I’m gripping so tightly, even if it’s just my knife and fork. The tension that can build up is very debilitating, especially over a long period of time. Brenda helps my body to let go of that stress every now and again.

Brenda is very enthusiastic about her vocation as a healer and continues to learn new techniques and methods. She doesn’t stand still in her abilities one bit. Sometimes I’ll meet her and she’ll have just come back from a course in something new that she’s eager to share. She is and has a very positive energy and I’m grateful to have her in our lives.


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