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January 4, 2013 / angelavbolton

Unsteady Start to 2013 but Getting Better


Robert taking a picture of our mantlepiece, Christmas 2010. He’s reflected in the mirror

Robert was brought to St Vincent’s University Hospital on New Years Eve for observation due to what turned out to be pneumonia. Fortunately there’s no kidney infection as his chest seems quite enough for him to deal with. He’s being cared for thoroughly in ICU, getting plenty of rest and one-on-one care.

It was tough to see him back in ICU but it was the very best thing and safest for him. SVUH will also replace the temporary food line while he’s there, saving him another tiring trip to St James’s.

Robert is responding to antibiotics and steroid medications, and getting help to expand his lungs from a ventilator occasionally. When he’s ready he can be moved out of ICU to a general ward and then, when that’s all settled down a bit, back to the NRH in Rochestown Avenue to continue his programme of treatment and therapies.

The communication between the NRH and SVUH is great: they keep each-other informed of what’s going on for Robert and the NRH phone me regularly to find out how it’s going for us.

This ‘bump in the road’ has again shown me that nothing can be taken for granted – Robert needs to be monitored very closely all the time. Just because he did so well for so long doesn’t mean he’s not going to hit an infection somewhere in the process, the risks being increased by his having a food line, etc.

However, I’ve never taken him for granted and will watch him like a hawk.


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