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February 2, 2013 / angelavbolton

Quiet Blog but a Busy Time

I had just opened that can of Corona, I swear...

I had just opened that can of Corona, I swear…

The blog has been quiet of late, I know, but things were a bit up in the air – we didn’t know from one day to the next where Robert would be after two visits to SVUH for recurring pneumonia. However, he’s doing really well and back at the NRH since last night (Friday 1/2/13). He’s responded to the antibiotics and is resting very well.

Now we’re hoping that the Royal Hospital Donnybrook (RHD) will reschedule their assessment visit to the NRH and, then, our hopes continue that the RHD can deal with Robert’s needs. We feel that it’s about the only place that can.

Once Robert is settled in his next placement we are looking forward to working with him as we did in SJH, adding to his regime what we’ve learned from his time at the NRH.

As for our fundraising efforts for Robert’s therapy, I’ll have more time once he’s settled and then I can work a little more on the Benefit Night gig we’re hoping to do where we’ll have a celebrity charity auction. We want to make it a fun night with as many of the musicians we know as possible and that takes a bit of arranging as can be imagined. However, the cause is good and the effort will be worth it.

We also have another more eclectic fundraising event being planned which, as yet, we won’t release any details on. But if all goes to plan, it’s going to be brilliant.

As for me, I still can’t find anything to watch on the telly, the apartment is untidy with storage boxes containing books, bric a brac, shoes, CDs, videos (I know…) which make up my ‘stock’ for a Flea Market at the end of the month; and I’m as lonely as hell.



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  1. Nuala Redmond / Feb 2 2013 9:14 pm

    Hi Angela, you’re doing great with the blogs. I’ve only signed up to your blog recently for reasons of my own. I love to read them. I hope you get that charity gig up and running. I’ll be there. Nuala

    • angelavbolton / Feb 3 2013 12:00 pm

      Dear Nuala, you’re very good to get in touch. Your comment is much appreciated. Sometimes afraid of putting too much detail into the blog, or waffling on about something that’s burning me up but others may not be interested in. It’s nice to hear that you’re enjoying it. I will get that gig up and running, for sure, just need to find the right way to go about it. Best regards, Angela

  2. Peter Carr / Jul 8 2014 12:47 pm

    I just saw this article recently I played with Rob in Some People after Fran left on drums but have lived in Australia since 1974 say hello from me hope he is going ok!
    Peter Carr (sneaky Pete)
    Still playing drums.

    • angelavbolton / Jul 9 2014 10:40 am

      I have heard of you, Sneaky Pete! Yes, Bob is doing okay insofar as he’s infection free, but I’ve lost him and know it. His injury is too severe to ever hope for recovery. It’s the most painful loss, especially as we had never been so content and happy. We’ve been together 29 years now but three of those have been spent fighting for treatment and now struggling to accept prognosis. What happened should not have happened – Bob was a really healthy 66-year-old and full of enthusiasm for his music. I doted on him and we spent all our time together (you may remember him as others do: moody and mercurial, but he wasn’t like that with me, at least for a long time). His son Jason has told me he’d never seen Bob as content and happy as when we were together. I am broken-hearted. Love him more than I can ever say. Struggling to live without him. Working with him musically was the best experience I’ve ever had.
      Wish you luck in Oz – have a nephew there in Coffin Bay, S. Aus., he’s a policeman and so is his wife (well, a policewoman), and they have two little police-babies now. God bless and thank you for getting in touch. If you ever come home, please contact me.

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