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February 21, 2013 / angelavbolton

Valentine’s Day for Longford Legends Tiny & Teany

One of our prettiest visitors on the day ~ sitting with Teany

One of our prettiest visitors on the day ~ sitting with Teany

If I even began to tell you the organisation that went into the Engagement Party for Tiny and Teany, two of Ireland’s smallest Fallabella ponies, you would be exhausted before I got quarter way through it.

The morning of the ‘Meet Tiny and Teany’ at their ‘Love Me Tender’ Bethrothal; thought up by our dear friend Brigid Devine as a way to help contribute to Robert’s benefit fund, was held at Conor Kenny’s Maxi Zoo in Longford town at 1pm on Valentine’s Day.

Two ponies had to be fed, brushed, washed, their manes decorated (you’d have had to see it, they were just gorgeous), their hooves blackened, their teeth brushed… and then they and all their paraphanalia had to loaded up: pens, floorsheets, and hundreds of Valentine’s Day- or wedding-related things – even down to two tiny guitars.

Eoin supervising Tiny

Eoin supervising Tiny

This apparent chaos was turned into a ‘pony house’ by 1pm – because Brigid and her son Eoin (my new nephew) had arranged everything down to the last detail. I am not joking. I used to think I was organised but the Team Devine leave me in the dust.

The day was absolutely fantastic. Loads of people came, and some spent ages there, taking pictures and chatting. You can see from the photos what the atmosphere was like. It was brilliant. There were sweets for the children and red roses for all visitors, there was a lot of laughter when I was singing a song (well, that’s not new). Only this time not for my playing, but because I was being distracted by the fact that there was a pony taking a ‘pony’ right behind me. I couldn’t stop laughing,

Lots of people (see below) did Trojan work to organise today and contributed many things – raffle prizes, their labour and energy, and precious time. Not just that but everything was done with such good heart and great skill that it couldn’t help but be a success.

For instance, the chap who made the engagement ring – a hand-crafted forged miniature horse shoe made specifically for the occasion – is a third generation blacksmith called Declan Corrigan. He spent six hours making the ring and when it was laid on white lace on a pillow you knew it was unique.

The main thread, of course, pulling everyone into the loop, is Brigid. Brigid is the lady who is now our parrot Paulie’s foster mother. She took on the huge responsibility of minding our bird until we’re ready to bring her home and through this ‘parrot’ link we got to know each-other. Today she played a blinder. We love you, Brigid, and are so lucky to have found you. Not only did you do all that work to help myself and Robert but your welcome (always having a bottle of wine for me in the fridge, now, I like that one!) and those lovely daffodils in ‘my’ room – sure darlin’, you don’t know what it means to me.

And Tiny and Teany were the stars of the show. How adults love them! – kids can be a bit wary at first and aren’t too sure about a pony even if it’s the size of a labrador. They’d be wary of a labrodor too. But of course they were won over and the ponies were petted and patted and walked up and down by numerous children. Several times I noticed that Teany, the really small mare, was stomping her hoof and I asked Eoin why? And he said it was because Tiny had gone walking with someone, leaving her behind.

There’s too much to tell about the day and I want to get this up on the blog so please have a look at the pictures and you’ll see what fun it was.

Our most sincere thanks to the following for all their support:

Our most sincere thanks to the following for all their support:

Maxi Zoo – Location

Argos – Garden Arch

Longford Town and Country – Pony Gates

Declan Corrigan – Engagement ring (Based in Legga, Moyne, Co. Longford, Declan Corrigan is a third generation Blacksmith. Declan is not only a supporter of the Robert Bolton benefit but is also involved with Crumlin Hospital and suicide awareness).

Micheal Croghan & Michelle Ghee – Photographers

Margo Nolan & Karen O’Bryan, Longford Indoor Market – Raffle prizes

Longford Arms Hotel – Engagement Accoutrements

Brian O’Horohue & Gary O’Toole, Lanesborough – Farriers

Sean Murray Ballydangan Irish Cobs – Flowers

Club Merchandise, Longford – T-shirts

Wedding Rings – Nearney’s Brass works, Longford

Ponies, Divine Tiny Tim & Divine Teany – Eoin Devine O’Grady, Longford


Congratulations to our raffle prize winners Lynn Kelly and Margeret Molloy, who both received a special Valentine gift hamper from Tiny Tim.


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