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June 18, 2013 / angelavbolton

Glad To Be Back



I have missed writing this blog – not just because it was a way to keep in touch with our distant friends and family, and others who may have found themselves in a similar situation – but because it helped me to put my thoughts in order, which was more therapeutic than I realised. So I hope you haven’t lost patience with me – I’m glad to be back in touch.

It’s now been just over 20 months since Bob’s injury and we are devastated by what we’ve lost. We all miss his personality and love in our lives. Me most of all.

By necessity, the focus of this blog will change – the big battles have been fought: my aim to get Bob assessed as thoroughly as possible, and then to where he’ll get the best of care has been achieved. I’ve learned a lot in the process, but given a choice I’d refuse those lessons.

If you’ll bear with me I’ll continue the blog with memories of Bob I’d like to share, maybe some stuff about myself, some photos which I need to get scanned, and see how it goes. I’ll know from your comments if it’s boring you to tears so please don’t hesitate to critique: I can take it. I can also take praise…


Bob at the Royal Hospital Donnybrook

As I’ve said, Bob is very comfortable and well-cared for at the RHD. The staff are co-operative, pro-active, keep us informed of everything, tell us what’s available for us to use, and make sure he has everything he needs.

His medication has been reviewed and since some of it has been slowly withdrawn, or in the process of being withdrawn right now, has shown more wakefulness and alertness. It’s wonderful to see him this way and we’re grateful to the RHD staff for their willingness to try.

He looks great, has put on a little weight, had a haircut and has a bit of a tan now too, as I get him outside on any day that looks remotely good. We did it twice a day in St James’s and he had higher vitamin D levels than the nurses. One day myself, Ritamary, Jason and Bob were out in the sun and it was really lovely to all be together.

Bob gets all the things he is used to: massage, reflexology, sensory stimulus, music and Feldenkrais with Mark Keogh, who has been a great help over the last year not just to Bob but to me: kindly showing me things I can do for Bob – albeit amateurishly. Our friend Brenda Darcy, Kinesiologist, saw him last week for the first time since St James’s: she also spoils me a little with a de-stress and  she knows what she’s at.


That’s it just for the moment. I hope to be blog more regularly from now, and that you’ll join me.


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