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May 24, 2015 / angelavbolton

Gerard & Beatrice & Paris

Paris ~ two weeks in the City of Light

Can’t remember what year it was but we both wanted to go to Paris, and we went in August. ‘There’ll be nobody there!’ commented one obviously experienced traveller when we mentioned our plans, but their fears were unfounded… And it was the most amazing two weeks: what a city, what food, what pleasant people.

Everybody was so friendly. I didn’t do French at school but had my phrasebook and used it every chance I got. Bob seemed quite at home – well, he had been there before – but he has a natural saunter and could easily have been a boulevardier in another life.

The weather was magnificent for all the time we were there, and on the day we visited Versailles there were at least two people carried off in ambulances due to sunstroke.

The day we went to the Louvre it was closed but it didn’t matter (Bob says the Mona Lisa is over-rated…) The hotel we stayed in was close to the river in the Theatre district but lovely and quiet, and had little shops and a bakery nearby where we’d pick up bread, cheese and really good wine. Every night we tried a different restaurant. But the best night was the cruise on the Seine. It was so Parisian, and – unusually for him – Bob did everything that was romantic: bought me a rose before we boarded, danced after dinner – I thought he’d gone a bit mad but it turned out he was enjoying himself. It was a magical night: the Eiffel Tower was sparkling theatrically as we disembarked and we were dizzy with happiness.

Quite wonderfully, my brother Gerard and his wife Beatrice came to meet us, they drove from Cologne and we had a great couple of days with them discussing the meaning of life. It was a chance for them to get to know Bob and I think we all had a good time. We certainly laughed a lot. Beatrice is very charming and attractive, and Gerard is a little eccentric (like his little sister) – all qualities that Bob appreciates. Gerard is also a musician so he and Bob have that in common.



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